You Mean There’s More than Mozart and Brahms?

So one of the most common questions we get is “What do you guys play other than Mozart and Brahms?” You’d be surprised how many folks out there know nothing about the clarinet quintet repertoire—including musicians, musicologists, and people with PhDs. While Mozart and Brahms quintets are indeed some of the best chamber music works ever written, as far as clarinet quintets go, there’s so much more than that—over 60 in fact and we’re going to play them all at some point! Some were written by well known and respected composers like Weber, Reger, Meyerbeer, Hindemith, Glazunov, and Francaix. Others were written by less known yet important composers like Reicha, Krommer, Kukal, Spohr, Marteau, Krehl, Fuchs, and Coleridge-Taylor. There are loads of 20th century composers who wrote for the clarinet quintet genre including Diamond, Porter, Bliss, Josephs, Moore, and even Herrmann who wrote the scores for Hitchock’s films. And there are many more living composers including Corigliano, Tower, Sheng, Neikrug, Adolphe, Taaffe-Zwilich, and Golijov. Since we feel deeply about expanding the clarinet quintet repertoire, we’re also commissioning works and performing world premieres. We’re here to educate the public so come to our concerts and learn about this musical genre which has for so long been underrepresented in live concert performances.