160 Clarinet Quintets!


Earsense1160! Yep, according to the chamber music database Earsense, that’s how many clarinet quintets currently exist. When we did our own research and counted 60 a few months back, we were apparently off…way off! Everyone was surprised to learn that there were 60. Now, even we’re shocked. Looks like we have more to tackle than we ever imagined. Exciting projects ahead…we’re in for the long run.

In addition to some of the composers we named in our earlier post, see below for others from our recent discovery. And be sure to check out the Earsense list to believe it yourself.

Composers include…Somervell, Walthew, Senfter, Kuffner, Romberg, Hoffer, Baden, Krommer, Backofen, Neukomm, Reicha, Busoni, Thieriot, Holbrooke, Benjamin, Kvapil, Straesser, Stanford, Raphael, Ridky, Seiber, Porter, Kallstenius, Kornauth, Reizenstein, Zagranichny, Jacob, Ben-Haim, Cone, Gipps, Orbon, Meyer, Abe, Brehme, Borroff, Hamilton, Westergaard, Cone, Scott, Davidovsky, Lokshin, Thilman, Frankel, Hemel, Wellesz, Labey, Cooke, Maconchy, Roger, Roger, Christiansen, Simpson, Chevreuille, Usher, Talma, Hamilton, Malipiero, Geissler, Sciarrino, Seter, Gal, Zur…we think you get the point!