Why the Farallons?


Why the name the Farallon Quintet you might ask? The name comes from the Farallon Islands which are located relatively close to us—just 28 miles off the San Francisco coast. In fact, the islands are officially considered to be part of the city of San Francisco itself. As you can see from the photo, they’re majestic and breathtaking—a jagged outcropping at the end of the horizon.  Nicknamed “California’s Galapagos,” the islands are off limits to all but a handful of scientists, adding to their mystery and intrigue.

Not only do we identify with the islands’ location and beauty, but we also believe they represent us well because of their primitive and unchartered terrain. They’re untouched and unknown, much like the clarinet quintet repertoire that we champion. And to go along with the comparison, just as we feel that the clarinet quintet repertoire is significant and needs to be heard, the Farallon Islands are equally important to the environment and ecosystem at large. The islands house the largest seabird colony in the continental United States and act as a safe haven for animals to breed and rest. They’re also a magnet for marine life, a soup of nutrient-rich water, and part of one of only four upwelling areas on earth.

Watch the video below to learn about these spectacular islands and why we, the Farallon Quintet, identify so much with them.